Exponential Graphs

The general equation of an exponential graph is  
Each pf  
\[A, \: B, \: k\]
  can be positive or negative and the sign and magnitude of each determines the shape of the graph.
The graph has an asymptote in the line  
. If  
\[B \gt 0\]
, the graph lies above the asymptote. If  
\[B \lt 0\]
  the graph is below the asymptote.

exponential graphs

The intercept with the  
- axis is at  
There is no  
- intercept if  
  or if  
\[A, \: B\]
  have the same sign. If  
\[A, \: B\]
  have opposite signs then the  
  intercept is at  
\[(\frac{1}{k} ln(\frac{B}{A}),0)\]

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