Position of Point on London Eye Relative to Ground

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel with a radius of 67.5m and takes 30 minutes to make a complete rotation. If we take the point on the ground below the centre has the origin, the the coordinates of the centre are  
A point on the wheel rotates at the rate  
\[2 \pi\]
  per 30 minutes, or  
\[\frac{2 \pi}{30 \times 60}= \frac{\pi}{900} rads/sec\]
. In a times  
  the wheel will rotate through an angle  
\[\theta = \frac{\pi}{900}t\]
. The London eye appears to rotate in the clockwise as seen from the other side of the Thames. By convention, clockwise is negatives, so the angle of rotation is  
\[- \frac{\pi}{900}t\]
By convention also the horizontal line is taken as the zero angle, so at any times  
, the position of a point that started from the ground at  
\[(67.5sin(- \frac{\pi}{900}t), 67.5-67.5cos(- \frac{\pi}{900}t)\]

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