Solving Linear Equations

The simplest linear equations are very easy to solve if you need to solve the equation to findjust makethe subject:

Add 3 to both sides

Divide by 9

Slightly more complicated equations have two terms involvingThese may both on the same sides, or one term on each side.

If they are the same same we collect like terms then solve as above:

Collect like terms to give

Now solve as in above. First subtract 7.

Divide by 7

If the x terms are on opposite sides then we have to move them to the same side. YOU MUST MAKE SURE THAT IF A TERM CHANGES SIDE IT CHANGES SIGN!


If the equation has fractions the best strategy is to clear all the fractions.


To clear all the fractions we multiply by the product of the denominators. In this case we multiply by

Expand the brackets

Now divide by


The product of the denominators is 2*5=10.

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