Open University Revision Week

Here is an idea to make maths and physics revision less painful. We are launching our luxury catamaran, a 32 foot, 3 cabin sailing sloop, with every extra, a fully fitted kitchen, hot shower, power points throughout and deck like a garden patio with an unbelievable view, able to sleep seven in comfort.

luxury catamaran

On holiday this year you could be studying maths or physics for a week or two before your exams in October. We will be sailing weekly from central London from the start of July until the middle of September, up and down the east coast, over to the continent, doing some fishing and taking in the sort of stargazing you can't get in London, in a boat so stable and safe no sinking or capsize has ever been reported. We will be holding university summer schools throughout the summer, aimed especially at Open University students. You will have the undivided attention of a specialist physics and maths tutor with three maths degrees and ten years experience of maths and physics tuition who has tutored at least two Open University students at any one time. After two weeks of concentrated revision, you will be much better prepared for your exams. We will concentrate on OU maths and physics exam papers, of which there are plenty at

Each course is seven days. Courses start on the last Sunday in July and finish on the first Sunday in September. We leave from Iron Wharf Boatyard in Faversham, Kent (50 miles from London down the M2) each Sunday, arriving back after seven days. Complete the Open University Revision Week Booking Form or Email me for further details.